benefits guide

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Benefit committee has created this “Benefits Book” to assist you in understanding your negotiated benefits and to provide you with a quick-reference, user-friendly, document. Benefits have become more complex and are an important part of your total compensation. Employee benefits, negotiated for you by your Union, are part of your total compensation package. These benefits include retirement, medical, dental, long-term disability, sick leave, retiree health account, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, and survivor benefits.

Please keep in mind that this “Benefits Book” is intended to provide only a general summary of your benefits and does not address every individual situation. The Technicians Agreement and various plan documents provide in detail the terms and conditions that apply to your benefits. This Benefits Book is not an official plan document; therefore, if there is any conflict between the terms of the official plan documents and the terms of this Benefit Book, the official plan documents will govern. Additionally, this “Benefits Book” does not constitute legal, tax, investment, or other advice to any individual.

Teamsters SFO Benefits Guide
Teamsters SFO Benefits Guide 2019 Addendum