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What is it? 
It is money put into an Active HRA if you are enrolled in a company medical plan. If you do not have a company medical plan it is in a Retiree RHA. 

Where can I see these accounts? 
Sign on to Flying Together, click on "My Info," click on "Your Benefits Resource," click on the box that says "Active HRA" or "Retiree RHA" (this box may or may not have a dollar value in it depending on whether you have money in your account). There is your VEBA money! 

For those of you who use Flexible Spending Accounts, your HRA or RHA will be listed second on the page and may require you to scroll lower on the page. 

Want to see how much has been deposited each pay day? 
Click on the blue words that say, "View Contribution Details" (FYI... anything typed in blue on any of these pages is a link to more details) 

Want to see any activity on your account? 
Below the contribution details you will see any recent activity listed in one liners with a word shown in blue. That is a link to more details. This activity will show claims that are being paid to you (Active HRA only). A better place to view this information is to the right of where it says view contribution details ... click on "View Health Care Claims." 

Those claims could be things like co-pays, coinsurance, deductibles or prescription co-pays or premiums that you have paid out for yourself or eligible dependents. 

All employees on the Active HRA have been set up to receive most of your eligible medical expenses (not premiums) back automatically (either by check to your house or direct deposited to an account provided you give that information after clicking on the "Edit Your Profile" selection which is 2 selections below where you clicked to view health care claims earlier) then click on "Add" in the direct deposit box. Fill out your banking information and click “Save.” 

There are two ways to stop getting these eligible expenses (not premiums) returned to you automatically. Call the Benefits number at 1-800-651-1007 and select spending accounts.  Now you can simply request they stop automatically reimbursing you for co-pays, coinsurance, deductibles etc., or you can ask them to send you a debit card for your HRA account (if you currently have a debit card for Flexible Spending you can call and ask them to link your HRA account to it). The debit card allows you to choose when to pay these expenses out of your account by paying the doctor, hospital, dentist, pharmacy etc. directly with the debit card provided you have money in the account. This does not affect your premium reimbursement. 

How do I verify, receive or stop my premium reimbursements? 
After clicking on My Info, click on Your Benefits Resource. On the top left-hand side, just under the United globe you will see a box "Health and Insurance" click on that box. Just below the home box on the top left-hand side there is a box called "Take Action", click on the triangle in it.  Now select "Active HRA Reimbursement Change". 

If you want your premiums reimbursed automatically monthly then select "YES". 

If you do not want them reimbursed automatically then select "NO".  

Now click on "Submit." Then click on "OK." 

Do you want to receive text messages telling you how much money is in your account? 
Click on the "edit your profile" choice then click on change in the Text Message box. Fill in your information and select whether you want messages weekly, monthly or quarterly. 

Do you want to know what expenses may or may not be covered? 
Click on the box above edit your profile which is called "Check Eligible Health Care Expenses"

This is not meant to be a complete explanation of the program. Just some of the basics to help you monitor and/or receive your "VEBA" money. 


Many thanks to Larry Calhoun from Local 210 for putting this together. 




Vinny Graziano 

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