Extended Illness Status Information

  • An employee can be placed on extended illness status up to a maximum of 5 years.

  • While on EIS you retain and continue to accrue seniority. You do not accrue other benefits sick leave, vacation, holidays, et cetera, except that for an occupational illness/ injury you accrue vacation credit.

  • Contact your Local to get withdraw card and update contact information.
    IBT Local 856   1-(650) 635-0111                                IBT Local 986   1-(626) 350-9860

  • Insurance coverage can continue for 24 months. Contact the Employee Benefits Service Center to arrange payments that would normally be deducted from your paycheck and get benefit information.  1-(800) 651-1007.

  • Payroll deductions stop. You may need to contact debtors to arrange payments.

  • Contact your supervisor to use any travel privileges.

  • Keep United updated on your address, contact information and medical status.

Work related illness/injury medical updates. Fax an Employee Status Form to:
United Airlines
Employee Service Center
FAX: 1-847-700-9533
Phone: 1-877-825-3729

Non-occupational illness/injury medical updates. Mail or fax an Absence Certificate to:
United Airlines
Medical Department-WHQMD
233 S. Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606
FAX: 1 847-700-2600

Contract language regarding EIS and useful information links in regards to benefits can be found on our website. SFOTeamsters.com

Contact  IBT-EAP Rep :   

Steve Loone               


Steve Crummey                      

Keep a logbook of who you talked with including date and time.
Keep copies of all paperwork and medical notes that you submit.