Teamsters Airline Division Prevails as Arbitrator Berger Sustains Health Reimbursement Account Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association Grievance!

Arbitrator Berger has found that United Airlines violated Article 16.G.2.d when it capped the Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA) contributions in 2017 by a total of 1,560 hours per employee. Any employee who was working under active employment status during this time period shall be made whole with respect to VEBA contributions.

Once all of the data and details are gathered regarding how and who shall receive payment, that information will be made available to each respective local. Please be patient as we are starting this process within the upcoming weeks under the guidance of our attorney Josh Mcinnerny.

Special thanks goes out to the Airline Division and their resources, along with Mcinnerny who presented an outstanding case with our expert witnesses: Economist Dan Akins, International Representative Bob Fisher and Local 986 Business Agent Clacy Griswold.

Thanks to all, 

Vinny Graziano
National Coordinator, Airline Division