Teamsters member assistance Program (TMAP)

The Teamsters Member Assistance Program (TMAP) offers free, confidential help to their Union members and their families when a personal problem develops.

Your TMAP Coordinators will listen to your problem and assist you in developing a plan of action that will meet your needs. If necessary, you will be referred to a qualified service provider in your community.

TMAP is voluntary. It's up to you to decide whether or not you will follow through with TMAP suggestions or recommendations. 

The services provided by TMAP are free. If the referral to a community service provider is necessary, your TMAP coordinator will work with you to make effective use of your insurance benefits.

Some of the issues we can assist you with are: substance/alcohol abuse, stress, debt/credit counseling, depression, anxiety, grief, loss, martial relationships, domestic violence, sexual abuse, elder care, eating disorders, child/teen conduct, gambling, filing for state disability, FMLA, and workers' compensation.

Feel free to contact us anytime for free, confidential assistance.

    Steve Crummey TMAP Coordinator   work: (650) 634-3006 cell: (650) 745-5867 fax: (650) 952-3196

    Steve Crummey
    TMAP Coordinator

    work: (650) 634-3006
    cell: (650) 745-5867
    fax: (650) 952-3196

    Steve Loone TMAP Coordinator   work: (650) 634-6619 cell:  (650) 745-5864 fax:  (650) 873-4346

    Steve Loone
    TMAP Coordinator

    work: (650) 634-6619
    cell:  (650) 745-5864
    fax:  (650) 873-4346


    What do I do once placed on EIS?

    • Call your Local for a withdrawal card and to update your address. Local 856 members, call (650) 635-0111, Local 986 members call (626) 350 9860.
    • File for Ca. State Disability and/or any other longterm disability insurance you may have.
    • Call UAL Benefits at 1 800 651 1007 for insurance.
    • Call UAL ESC at 1-877-825-3729 to update address.
    • Non-work related injuries: Keep UAL Medical Department (OPCMD) updated with current absence certificates on your condition(s) as needed. Their fax number is 1 847 700 2600. Work-related injuries: Update the Employee Service Center with the employee status form. Their fax number is 1-847-700-2600.
    • Keep your Supervisor advised of travel plans/flight info if not restricted by your doctor.

    Social and Health Services


    1 800 MEDICARE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    Narcotics Anonymous
    1 818 773 9999

    National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

    National Institute on Drug Addiction
    301 443 1124

    National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

    National Suicide Prevention
    1 800 273 TALK

    Overeaters Anonymous

    Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

    Sexaholics Anonymous
    866 424 8777

    Alcoholics Anonymous
    1 800 923 8722

    Al-Anon Family Groups
    1 888 684 6444

    Alzheimer's Hotline
    1 800 272 3900

    American Hospice Foundation

    Americans with Disabilities Act

    American Red Cross

    Autism Society of America

    Debtors Anonymous

    Gamblers Anonymous
    (626) 960 3500

    Marijuana Anonymous
    1 800 766 6779

    Government Services/Employment/Unemployment

    State of California Employment Development Department

    U.S. Department of Labor
    1 877 US2 JOBS

    Department of Transportation Drug & Alcohol Testing Program

    California Workers' Comp
    California Department of Workers' Comp
    Division of Workers' Compensation -- Injured Worker Information
    California State Compensation Insurance Fund Site