Mechanics' Dispatch

Attendance Policy

March 1st 2017

Brothers and Sisters,

As most of you know, the Company is instituting a new attendance policy. It is being briefed that this policy will be implemented on March 15th. It was relayed to me that some supervisors across the system are briefing that the IBT has signed off or agreed to this policy. Let me be as clear as possible, that is outright lie. Just as in the working together guidelines, the Company makes policy.  It is our policy to fight them all the way through the grievance process to arbitration, if necessary, on rules and policies that we believe are unfair and harmful to the membership. We will attack this new policy in the same fashion. To be clear, this is a United Airlines policy and was not agreed to in any fashion by the IBT.


In solidarity,


Bob Fisher
International Representative
Airline Division
International Brotherhood of Teamsters